2019 Prayer Summit

Teaching Session Recordings

Sara Maynard’s teaching at the Prayer Summit was, in the words of one participant, “authentic and sound”, and “fueled us into praying together”. Day One – Her personal experience after the Lord asked her to pray the Lord’s Prayer deeply and daily started her on a journey. Now, she invites others to deepen their use of this “pearl of great price”. Day Two – Her practical experience honed in on avenues to vibrancy in the prayer ministry- personally and corporately.

Day 1, Session 1

Why the Lord’s Prayer? Sara brings us from the disciples’ request, “Teach us to pray”,  to us being coached by Jesus to a prayer life that is an echo of his.

Day 1, Session 2

Sara draws out the significance, the problems, and the restorative nature of the first two words, “Our Father.”

Day 1, Session 3

Sara digs into the petitions in the Lord’s Prayer, each a springboard into a prayer life like Jesus’.

Day 2, Session 1

“Hearing God in the Place of Prayer:” Sara practically unfolds 3 parts to hearing, so that we can have confidence to notice, discern and apply God’s guidance in prayer.

Day 2, Session 2

“How to Lead a Vibrant Corporate Prayer Ministry:” Sara explains vital components so that people will anticipate the prayer meeting with expectancy and growing appreciation.


Pray Ottawa’s Prayer Summit for Pastors and Leaders is an annual event. In addition, there are centralized gatherings approximately every quarter. For more information on these and other events, Contact Us or click through to our Events.